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Kuroshitsuji / Twitter Posts via Yana Toboso / Sebastian Michaelis

Noragami opening pt. 1


Wearin' our vintage misery
No, I think it looked a little better on me
I'm gonna change you like a remix
Then I'll raise you like a phoenix
Put on your war paint

TokyoGhoulWeek || Day 7: Hanged Man → Anything You Like
↳ Kaneki Ken + Phoenix by Fall Out Boy


The best proposal I’ll ever witness.


Seven deadly sins / Seven heavenly virtues 
#tokyoghoulweek » Emperor [Favorite male character] » Kaneki Ken

"If it can be said that it is the heart that is unchanging, then that is strength."

happy birthday kait!

Parasyte -the maxim- ★ Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu